General terms and conditions of use (GCU)

Article 1. Preamble 


The online platform Weboost, accessible via the Internet at the following address: (hereinafter the “Platform”) is administered by the company LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP, a simplified joint stock company, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 309 071 942, whose registered office is located at Tour Voltaire – 1 place des degrés 92800 Puteaux/La Défense – France (hereinafter “Weboost”). The Platform selects a panel of Boosters (in luggage storage…) and offers to the Spots who subscribe to the Services to conclude one or more contracts with the Boosters of their choice, likely to increase their revenues by exploiting their facilities and services in the best way.


Article 2. Acceptance of the GTU 


It is the responsibility of the Spot to read these GTUs before using the Site. Accordingly, the Spot shall be deemed to have read these GTC and to have accepted them without reservation, as well as all documents to which they refer, by the mere fact of using the Spot Portal. The version of the GTC applicable is the one in force on the day of use of the Spot Portal. Weboost may modify the GTC at any time in order to update them and in particular to take into account any legal, jurisprudential, editorial or technical evolution. The previous GTUs shall then be automatically terminated and replaced by the new version, mentioning the date of the last update at the top of the GTUs, which shall be immediately enforceable against Spot. In order to be informed of any such changes and updates, the Spot is advised to consult the GTC regularly.

Article 3. Definition

The terms defined below beginning with capital letters and used in the singular or plural shall have the following meaning:

“Booster” refers to companies offering innovative services aimed at generating additional revenues for the Spots and referenced on the Platform.
“GTC Spot Portal” or “GTC”: means the present general terms and conditions of use of the Spot Portal applying to the access and use of the Spot Portal.
“Account”: means the space made available to a Spot on the Spot Portal for the use of the Services and the Spot Portal. With regard to the Spots in the LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP network, the Accounts are created by the Weboost administrator and the identifiers are confirmed by the Weboost administrator. These identifiers and passwords are identical to the personal identifiers and passwords of the Spots to access the systems of LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP. The Account is strictly individual, non-transferable to a third party. The Spot may have a “Master Account” which allows its holder to access all the Services and Functionalities of the Spot Portal and, where applicable, a “User Account” which gives its holder rights limited to the consultation of certain Services only.
“General Conditions”: means the general conditions of the Services provided by the Weboost Platform to a Spot, to be concluded between Weboost and the Spot, allowing access to the Services.
“Personal Data”: means any Data relating to an identified or identifiable individual, necessary for access and/or use of the Spot Portal. Personal Data includes, in particular, data relating to the staff of the Spots that enable them to be identified.
“Features” means all features offered by Weboost through the Spot Portal under the conditions and within the limits set forth in the Spot Portal GTC.
“Master Account Identifiers”: means the connection logs (login and password) used to identify the Master Account holder of a Spot and allowing him to access his Master Account. For Spots belonging to a brand of the LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP network, they are identical to those issued to the Spot to access the other dematerialised services made available to Spots by LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP. The holder of the Master Account is designated at the discretion of the Spot and under its entire responsibility. He/she is responsible for and guarantees the respect of the confidentiality of the Master Account Identifiers.
“User Account Identifiers”: refers to the connection logs (login and password) intended to identify the holder of the User Account of a Spot and allowing him/her to access it, as defined by the corresponding Master Account holder. The holders of the Master Account and the User Account are jointly and severally responsible and liable for the confidentiality of the User Account Identifiers. “Credentials” means both the Master Account Credentials and the User Account Credentials.
“Spot Portal”: means the Platform accessible to the Spot using its Login Information and which allows access to the Services.
“Signatory”: means the person authorized to enter into the General Terms and Conditions and contracts with Boosters in the name and on behalf of the Spot, as designated when the Master Account is opened. The Signatory may be distinct from an Account holder.
“Spot”: means any establishment located on French territory, likely to benefit from the Services and to conclude a contract with a Booster, having subscribed or considering subscribing to the Spot Portal in order to benefit from the Services. The Spot shall be responsible for the compliance of all Users with the Spot Portal GTC.
“Services”: means the services, in particular matchmaking services, from which the Spot benefits through the Platform after signing the General Terms and Conditions of Services provided by the Platform.
“Subscription”: means the action of joining the Spot Portal under the conditions described in Article 6 of the GTC.
“User”: means any natural person duly authorized by the Spot to access and use his Master Account or User Account.

Article 4. Purpose

The purpose of these Spot Portal GTC, as well as the documents to which they refer, is to define the conditions, rights, obligations, responsibilities and limits applicable to any use of the Spot Portal by any Spot.


Article 5. Conditions for creating and using an account


5.1. General 


The use of the Services is conditioned to the prior and free creation of a Master Account, entailing the full acceptance of these TOS. The creation of a User Account can be done simultaneously or after the creation of the Master Account. Once the Account has been created, the User has access to the Services of the Spot Portal, in particular the display of information on the Boosters, except for those for which the conclusion of the General Terms and Conditions is necessary. It is the responsibility of the Spot to complete the fields not filled in during the creation of the Master Account and to verify the accuracy of the information that would be filled in automatically. Weboost shall not be concerned or held responsible if an unauthorized person enters into contracts with Boosters without being legally or contractually authorized to do so. Any use of the Identifiers corresponding to a Master Account or a User Account is deemed to be made by the holder of this Account on behalf of the Spot to which they are associated and bind the holder and the Spot on any use made of the Spot Portal from these Identifiers. The person creating an Account undertakes on his or her honour to :
– not to already have another Account and not to create another Account in the future;
– to verify the fields of the Account filled automatically and to complete the other fields in good faith, by providing accurate information and by filling in all the fields marked as mandatory; 
– not to provide a false identity or the identity of a third party. In the event that the information automatically entered relating to the Spot member of the LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP network is erroneous or changes, the Spot undertakes to inform LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP as soon as possible and to provide the corrected or updated information. The Spot has the possibility of modifying the following information himself, from his personal space: telephone number, name, e-mail, name of the hotel. The e-mail addresses provided when creating an Account are deemed to be those to which communications may be validly addressed by Weboost to the Spot, the Account holder. In the event of a change in the situation as declared on the day of the creation of the Account, the Spot undertakes to update the relevant information without delay and to inform Weboost. Weboost shall not be held responsible if it has not been notified of a change in the Spot’s situation or of false, invalid or erroneous information concerning it. The same Spot may only open one Account in each category on the Platform. In case of loss and/or forgetfulness of the password, the account holder must contact Weboost to obtain this password. The account holder agrees to keep secret and not to communicate to anyone the Identifiers of this Account, for any reason whatsoever. Otherwise, Weboost cannot be held responsible in case of fraudulent use of this information. In case of fraudulent use of the Identifiers due to a fault or negligence attributable to the Spot, or to any person under its control or hierarchical authority, the Spot shall be liable to Weboost for any loss or deterioration of data whatsoever, and more generally for any damage suffered as a result of use of the Spot Portal or the Services not in compliance with the rules applicable to them. Subscription to the Spot Portal does not guarantee the Spot the possibility of benefiting from all the Services, in particular the possibility of concluding a contract with the Boosters, each of the Boosters defining its own eligibility criteria.



5.2. The creation of an account by the Spots, brands of the LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP network.


To create a Master Account, the holder must send a request to the administrator of the Platform. Once the account has been opened, the Identifiers of the Master Account will be identical to those allocated to the person working for the Spot concerned by this Account, for access to the other dematerialised services of LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP. The Data relating to the Spot, such as its address, telephone number, e-mail address, company name and public information relating to its company are associated with the Master Account Identifiers in the LOUVRE HÔTELS GROUP database. The Master Account fields are automatically filled in from this database when the Spot creates his Master Account.


5.3. Creation of an Account by Spots not belonging to the LOUVRE HOTELS GROUP network 

In order to create the Master Account, the Spot must submit its Subscription request to the administrator of the Weboost Platform. Weboost will allocate the Master Account Identifiers to the Spot. WEBOOST reserves the right to refuse the Subscription request of a Spot whose characteristics do not correspond to the Services. When creating its account, the Spot must fill in all the information requested in the electronic registration form.


Article 6. Terms and conditions of the General Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions define the conditions under which Weboost provides the Services to a Spot. In order to conclude the General Terms and Conditions, the Spot must first open a Master Account and fill in the information required for the conclusion of the General Terms and Conditions. The conclusion of the General Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite to the conclusion of a contract with a Booster.


Article 7. Description of the Services


Weboost provides the Services to the Spots via the Spot Portal, under the conditions provided in the General Conditions. The Services consist, in particular, in the following services:
– presentation of information about each Booster, including:
     o activities and characteristics of the Booster ;
     o performance of the Booster


Article 8. Availability of the platform  

The Spot acknowledges and accepts that, given the current state of the art, Weboost cannot guarantee continuous availability of the Services or the Spot Portal. Weboost will use its best efforts to make the Spot Portal available on a continuous basis, except in the event of maintenance operations, updates or as a result of events beyond its control that may cause interruptions of services, in whole or in part, or more or less significant disruptions. In such cases, Weboost will take reasonable steps to deal with such interruptions or disruptions


Article 9. Obligations of the user


Each User shall use the Spot Portal and the Services responsibly, with respect and courtesy towards the rights of Weboost and any third party. By accessing the Spot Portal, the User undertakes and guarantees in particular
– to have the qualities and skills required to use the Spot Portal
– to behave in accordance with all the provisions of these Spot Portal TOU and to comply with these Spot Portal TOU;
– to comply with all applicable laws, including those of the country from which he/she accesses the Spotlight Portal
– to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information;
– to respect the intellectual property rights of Weboost and any third party;
– to use the Spot Portal and the Services within the limits of its functionality and purpose. In addition, the User shall not, in particular:
– using the Services for purposes not provided for in the Spot Portal GTC, or contrary to the purpose of the Spot Portal and/or which would infringe on the rights of Weboost, one of its partners, including Boosters, or the rights of third parties;
– use a false identity or otherwise mislead anyone, including by impersonating a Signatory;
– communicate false, misleading or erroneous contact information to Weboost;
– to upload to the Platform, display, make accessible or transmit by any means, including by e-mail
– content that he/she does not have the right to upload,
– content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, immoral, invasive of a person’s privacy, hateful or objectionable, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable
– any material that contains software viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment
– disrupt or interfere with the operation of the Platform or servers or networks connected to the Platform, or violate any requirements, procedures, rules or regulations;
– access Personal Data not intended for him or her or enter a server to which the Spot is not authorized to have access;
– attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of any system, including the Platform, or to breach security or authentication measures without authorization;
– impersonate or attempt to impersonate another Spot, Booster or any third party;
– harm a natural or legal person through the Platform;
– harm the reputation of Weboost, the Platform, one or more other Spots, Boosters or any third party. The Spot and any User also undertakes not to disclose personal, professional or confidential information disseminated through the Platform or of which it would be aware through the use of the Platform or from third parties. A fortiori, the Spot and any User shall refrain from any processing of Personal Data obtained on or through the Platform and in particular from any collection, unauthorized use, misuse and any act likely to infringe the privacy and Personal Data or the reputation of one or more other user(s) or any other natural or legal person.


Article 10. Suspension du Compte

Weboost se réserve le droit de suspendre ou d’interrompre à tout moment, partiellement ou totalement l’accès par un Spot au Portail Spot, aux Fonctionnalités et aux Services sans que la responsabilité de Weboost puisse être engagée, en cas de violation des CGU par ledit Spot.



Article 11. Référencement et déréférencement d’un Booster

Modalité du référencement des Boosters Weboost fait ses meilleurs efforts pour sélectionner les Boosters sur la base de l’originalité, de la pertinence et de l’adéquation de leurs offres au regard des Facilités dont peuvent disposer les Spots. A ce titre, le référencement d’un Booster sur la Plateforme ne peut en aucune façon être interprété comme une garantie quant aux performances opérationnelles du Booster ou à l’adéquation de sa Solution aux besoins ou attentes du Spot. Le Spot est informé et reconnaît que les informations relatives à la présentation d’un Booster sur la page qui lui est réservée sur la Plateforme sont fournies par Weboost. Il appartient au seul Spot d’évaluer l’intérêt de la Solution d’un Booster et de son efficacité opérationnelle avant de décider de conclure un Contrat d’Application avec ce dernier et de maintenir cette relation contractuelle. L’ordre  de présentation des Booster ne préjuge pas des performances des Boosters faisant l’objet de cette présentation. En conséquence, aucune responsabilité ne pourra être encourue par Weboost du fait de cette présentation. Déréférencement d’un Booster, Weboost se réserve la possibilité de déréférencer un Booster, conformément aux conditions négociées avec le Booster dans le Contrat cadre en vigueur. En conséquence, le Spot reconnaît et accepte qu’il n’a aucun droit acquis au maintien du référencement d’un Booster sur la Plateforme. En cas de déréférencement d’un Booster, tout Contrat d’Application conclu par le Spot avec ce Booster, en cours au jour de l’expiration du Contrat Cadre correspondant, sera automatiquement frappé de caducité à cette date, conformément à l’article 1186 du Code civil. Ils cesseront donc de produire leurs effets à la date du déréférencement. Weboost informera sans délai les Spot concernés du déréférencement d’un Booster et de la date de fin du référencement. En tout état de cause, Weboost sera délié de toute obligation vis-à-vis du Spot relative à toute commande, réservation ou prestation souscrite par un Client auprès d’un Booster et qui serait exécuté postérieurement au déréférencement du Booster correspondant ou relative à toute utilisation postérieure des facilités du Spot par son Client.


Article 12. Droits de propriété intellectuelle

La Plateforme, en ce compris l’ensemble des éléments qui la compose, notamment les graphismes, images, photographies, animations, clips, textes, logos, logiciels et interfaces (ci-après le « Contenu ») sont protégés par des droits de propriété intellectuelle et la propriété exclusive de Weboost, à l’exception des marques, logos, images, photos et signes distinctifs appartenant à des Boosters, à des Spots ou à des tiers. Toute utilisation, y compris toute reproduction, distribution, modification, retransmission ou publication du Contenu est strictement interdite sans accord préalable écrit de Weboost. Il est en particulier interdit de (i) copier, modifier, créer une œuvre dérivée, assembler, décompiler (à l’exception des cas prévus par la loi), vendre, attribuer, sous-licencier ou transférer de quelque manière que ce soit tout droit afférant au Contenu et de (ii) modifier tout ou partie du Contenu en vue notamment d’obtenir un accès non autorisé à la Plateforme. En conséquence, toute reproduction et/ou représentation, totale ou partielle du Contenu, sans l’autorisation préalable et écrite de Weboost, est interdite et constituerait une contrefaçon sanctionnée notamment par les dispositions du Code de la propriété intellectuelle. Weboost, ou tout autre titulaire de ces droits, pourra mettre en œuvre toute mesure ou action, y compris judiciaire, pour faire cesser une atteinte à ces droits, en particulier de propriété intellectuelle et se réserve le droit de demander des dommages et intérêts en cas d’une telle atteinte.


Article 13. Protection des données à caractère personnel

La politique de protection de la vie privée et des Données Personnelles et la politique de cookies applicables à la plateforme font l’objet de documents dédiés, auxquels l’utilisateur est invité à se reporter.


Article 14. Liens hypertextes

Toute création de liens vers tout ou partie de la Plateforme, tout encadrement (framing) de tout ou partie de la Plateforme et plus généralement toute utilisation d’un élément composant la Plateforme est soumise à l’autorisation préalable et écrite de Weboost qui pourra être révoquée à tout moment à sa seule discrétion. Weboost n’est aucunement responsable du contenu des sites vers lesquels les liens hypertextes redirigent l’Utilisateur.


Article 15. Responsabilité

Le Spot reconnaît utiliser ou permettre aux Utilisateurs d’utiliser la Plateforme sous sa seule responsabilité. Il appartient notamment au Spot de se prémunir contre les dangers de l’Internet et de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires afin de protéger ses propres Données (en ce compris les Données à Caractère Personnel) et/ou logiciels de la contamination par d’éventuels virus qui pourrait affecter son ordinateur ou tout autre matériel informatique qu’il utilise ou qui est sous sa garde. Le Spot est seul responsable des moyens d’accès à Internet et à la Plateforme. A l’exclusion des Données, Weboost essaye de s’assurer au mieux de l’exactitude des informations accessibles sur la Plateforme, mais ne garantit pas que les informations fournies par les Boosters, les Spots ou tout autre personne soient exactes, complètes, ou à jour. En outre, Weboost décline toute responsabilité en cas d’interruption de la Plateforme, de survenance de dysfonctionnement ou de tout dommage résultant d’acte frauduleux de tiers ou de Spots. Par ailleurs, en aucun cas Weboost ne peut être tenu pour responsable d’un quelconque dommage, quelle qu’en soit la cause, origine, nature et conséquence, découlant notamment de l’utilisation non conforme des présentes CGU par le Spot et de la consultation ou de l’utilisation de la Plateforme, par un tiers. LA RESPONSABILITE DE WEBOOST NE POURRA ETRE ENGAGEE POUR UNE CAUSE DONT LE FAIT GENERATEUR A POUR ORIGINE UN CAS DE FORCE MAJEURE, Y COMPRIS SI UN TEL CAS DE FORCE MAJEUR TOUCHE UN DE SES SOUS TRAITANTS, AINSI QUE TOUT EVENEMENT HORS DE SON CONTROLE EXCLUSIF.


Article 16. Survivance

Les stipulations des CGU qui par leur nature ou leur rédaction ont vocation à continuer à s’appliquer après la cessation de l’utilisation de la Plateforme pour quelque cause que ce soit ainsi que les stipulations de l’article « Responsabilité », l’article « Protection de vos données à caractère personnel » et « Droits propriété intellectuelle » resteront en vigueur pour la durée nécessaire à l’exécution de leur objet.


Article 17. Nullité-Titre

Si une ou plusieurs stipulations des CGU sont tenues pour non valides ou déclarées telles en application d’une loi, d’un règlement ou à la suite d’une décision définitive d’une juridiction compétente, les autres stipulations garderont toute leur force et portée. En cas de difficultés d’interprétation entre l’un quelconque des titres figurant en tête des clauses, et l’une quelconque des clauses, les titres seront écartés et le contenu de la clause concernée prévaudra.


Article 18. Applicable law



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